QUIN·TO TOI·RO [kˈĩ.tu tˈoj.ɾu]

More than two hundred rope bullfights are held in Terceira island every year. It’s a very old local tradition of mysterious origins, in which the bull is an admired and respected protagonist. In each event there are only four bulls involved, but the expression «quinto toiro» – meaning ‘fifth bull’ – became a reference to the socializing around abundant tables of food and drinks during and after the bullfights. The ‘quinto toiro’ is a symbol of the festive spirit of Terceira and the craft beer Quinto Toiro® aims to celebrate this very special way of life.

Rope Bullfight


Quality first always use quality ingredients that better contribute to the final product, instead of the shortcuts often used by the big industry; profit is a necessity, but it is the attention to the detail that defines the true craft beer and feeds passions|Tradition and innovation, with thoughtfulness traditional beer styles are seen as just guidelines rather than a set of inflexible rules; innovation is an objective, but should be motivated by taste and not by marketing|More than a drink be a vehicle for bringing people and cultures together and contribute to the promotion and celebration of the culture of Terceira and the Azores|Small and humble, but ambitious it is a very small and modest project, with extremely limited resources, and in a market and geographical context that poses enormous challenges… but, as the great portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa – whose mother, by the way, was from Terceira – once said:

From my village I see as much in the Universe as you can see from earth…
So my village is as big as any other land
Because I’m the size of what I see,
Not the size of my height…


lilac island, island of Jesus Christ

once was Portugal alone


a solo project, for now

Rui Leal

founder / head brewer

Was born and resides in Angra do Heroismo, the historic Portuguese city classified as World Heritage. Computer scientist by profession, graduated from the University of Lisbon. Interestingly, one his father’s first professional experiences was in the local distribution of a brand of beer, so since his early years he have heard stories and learned about the challenges of that business. He confesses to not being a fan of the beer flavor at start and often chose other drinks, but over time he learned to love it, especially after trying international quality beers; today he is obviously passionate about beer and is involved in other projects in the area, like the portuguese blog «Cerveja e Tremoço». There are two aspects of beer that really fascinates him: the creative and artistic component in craft brewing and the ability this drink has to bring people together and create bonds between them, overcoming age, language and cultural barriers.

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